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Legal advice on how to protect your intellectual property?

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Legal advice on how to protect your intellectual property?

Owning or starting a business or engaged in scientific work? No matter which area of business you are dealing with protecting your intellectual property is the most important for your success and reputation. The process of accepting your intellectual property no matter how simply it looked is in fact very troublesome and complicated. If you are a businessman and you do not know much about this process or regulation of Intellectual Property Law the best thing you can do is to hire a business lawyer.intellectual-property-law

Protecting your intellectual property and making sure it will be granted is not the only thing a business lawyer can help you with, a professional lawyer can give you his help and his advice for any aspect of your business, concluding the contract and negotiations, taxes regulations and finances are only the tips of the iceberg when we are talking about lawyer’s profession. Businessmen are not the only persons who can get help from professional lawyers, musicians and artist in general can ask for their help if they need

protection of their intellectual property and additional explanations of the IP regulations.The first thing you need to know if you are engaging in some kind of creation of intellectual property are the laws and regulations in your country, these knowledge you can get from your lawyer. Everything you need to know about patents, designs and trademarks can be explained to you by a lawyer, the conditions under which you can protect your invention or discovery, the time for which your invention will be protected and so on.


When it comes to patents the main thing you should do is KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, just look at what happened to Nikola Tesla about his inventions and how Thomas Edison usurped his rights, you surely would not want that to happen to you, that is why your discovery has to remain a secret until you apply it for patenting.

If you already acted opposite of what this advice says, you have only one option left and that is a non-disclosure Intellectual-Property-Law-Law-Firm-Copyright-Thailand1agreement, your lawyer can help you with concluding it. You probably already heard about this agreement, and you know how it works, it is a great substitute if you accidentally gave away your secret, of course if you get the other side to sign it.

As you already know patents are not lasting forever, nor you can patent all your inventions and discoveries, the great way to add more protection to it is a name and a trademark. You probably know that trademarks unlike patents and designs can be granted just by registration. The product you create is protected by patent but a name of your product is protected by your trademark, when the protection of your patent expires and that is usually after twenty years, your name will already be tightly connected to your product and your clients will get used to it and thus purchase only the product with your brand’s name on it.

Of course there are some restrictions about choosing the name for your brand, you cannot give a name that will be very similar to an existing brand of the same product, you cannot name it after an historical person and so on. All that conditions and restrictions can be explained by your lawyer, that is why you should hire one without hesitation.

How to protect your intellectual property

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